Refrigerant Database

The Refrigerant Database is an information system on alternative refrigerants, associated lubricants, and their use in air-conditioning and refrigeration.  The database consolidates and facilitates access to property, compatibility, safety, environmental, application, and other data.  It covers more than 750 refrigerants (including blends).  Please refer to the database description and User's Manual for a more complete summary of the contents, capabilities, and limitations.  Although development ended for the public version with the July 2001 release, with termination of ARTI support, licensed users may continue to use the database as long as they comply with the terms in the license agreement included in the User's Manual.  We terminated distribution of documents previously available through the database in January 2004 and database orders and assistance in January 2006.
VIEW OR DOWNLOAD: description and answers to common questions including system requirements (4 pages in PDF format) User's Manual with instructions to install and use the database (54 pages in PDF format) final update package with instructions, program, and data files to update installed versions of the May 1996 and later releases (5.6 MB zip file) order form to obtain the database for new users or an update password for old licenses (2 pages in PDF format)
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